Season 4

Hannah Knights and David Castle, Artlogic

Hannah and David share their journey within Artlogic and how Technology has transformed a traditional industry like Art!

Jamie Cooke, Discovery

Jamie talks about purpose, change and leadership throughout his different roles with Discovery.

Trish Hemsworth & Mark Pendell, Times3

Trish and Mark give a master class in the positive impacts of Transformation with a focus on People, Process and Technology

Season 3

Jason Waterman, Head of Talent at 11:FS

Anthony discusses how he founded his cyber response company

Tina Southall & Leanne Goldie, CPO and STA, Gamesys

Tina and Leanne discuss the importance of the HR function and why it’s one of the most exciting parts of the business to be in

Ivan Sutherland, Engineering Director, Babylon Healthcare

Ivan discusses what it takes to bring affordable and accessible healthcare to the globe

Pam Roberts, CPO of Black Swan Data

Pam talks about the entrepreneurial business of using AI to unlock social data, predicting consumer trends

Amit Gudka, Bulb

Amit talks about the journey of starting Bulb with its rapid growth and future

Christoph Heidler, SGS

Christophe discusses the journey of being a CIO of a multinational business and advancement in technology

Remko Verheul, Albelli

Remko talks about the importance of culture and diversity in a business, along with continued investment into Inter schemes

Justin Walker, Sky

Justin talks about the danger of Ransomware for large enterprises and skills need in Cyber

Sarah Greasley, Direct line

Sarah shares her personal story from IBM to Direct Line and how important it is to be curious and agile as a graduate.

Henrique Boregio, Primephonic

Henrique shares the highs of working in Scale-up businesses and the importance for graduates to swap time for knowledge rather than money at a company.

Kate Beverly, Pearson

Kate share her story about starting at Pearson as one of the only women and now co-chairing the Women in Tech across the whole Pearson group

Season 2

Matt Holland, CISO

Matt discusses his journey to interim CISO and discusses the evolution of cyber security

Anthony Hess of Asceris

Anthony discusses how he founded his cyber response company

Notis Iliopoulos, Director of ADACOM

Notis talks about the geopolitics of Cyber Security

Fred Streefland, Hixvision

Fred shares his journey of becoming a leader within Cyber and how the industry is evolving at an incredible pace.

Season 1

Gio Tricomi, Associate Partner, Reply Group

Gio advises graduates to learn full-stack development rather than specialising in one technology.

Florian Diederichsen, CTO of DAZN

Florian gives an insight into why cyber security is so important for a business and its customers.

James Davey or Arrow Electronics

James speaks about the future of E-Vehicles and the drive towards a cleaner solution.

Jonathan Moreira, CTO & CPO of Primary Bid

Jonathan reviews the ever-growing AI and VR industries and which skills and functions are needed to be a market leader within these sectors.

David Lewis, Public Sector

David advises STEM graduates to focus on active learning to continue growing and framing their careers.

Dan Gilbert, Director of Data at News UK

Daniel discusses the responsibility of ensuring fairness in algorithms and the overall ethics of AI

Rick Van der Plas of GFK

Rick advises STEM graduates in how technology can create value as an end goal

Richard Halliwell of Decision Tech

Richard discusses the pros and cons of graduates working in the full-stack or specialising in a given area

Alex Chircop of Storage OS

Alex discusses how storage has evolved and the level of software development and infrastructure needed now

Jason Latham of Hay

Jason advises highly technical engineers to embrace their inner geek and thrive in an environment where they remain fully focused on the tech

Pierre Martin of Beacon

Pierre extols cybersecurity in the data driven world and why companies must protect their data and product platforms

Rebecca Berry, Head of Culture, D&I, Lloyd’s Register

Rebecca discusses how D&I targets and policies can create wrong behaviours

Craig Bell, Thought Leader

Craig sees the technology landscape moving towards IOT and 5G and queries whether AI and machine learning are misused buzzwords

Richard Pharro of APMG

Richard advises graduates to focus on professional development and continuous learning to stand out

Bruce Hellman, CEO and Co-Founder of uMotif

Bruce Hellman discusses the positive impacts of technology within the health technology industry

Sophie Barlow of Black Swan Data

Sophie voices the need for a human element alongside AI and algorithms to ensure ethics in IT

Ed Clark of Health Tech

Ed speaks on the importance of health technology and the evolving implications for mental health

Nigel Moulton, Former CTO at Dell

Nigel shares his thoughts on emerging technologies and the future landscape of AI

Charlotte Forsyth of World Remit

Charlotte Forsyth shares her journey to CPO of World Remit, offers interview advice and advocates authenticity

Steve Homan, CTO of MetaPack Group

Steve raises the point that engineers need the space to think and develop their ideas in an environment that challenges and inspires

Paul Bateman of Informa

Paul Bateman discusses what he looks for when building global teams and emphasises the importance of continuous learning